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Please Help Us Keep Our Bungalow LOOKING GOOD

Below you will find information about check-in, wifi, and general Bungalow guidelines. We've designed this to be easy for you to read, sign and return to us. For those that want to download this, please click the button below.

WE're so happy you chose our 30a beach bungalow

We just ask that you remember this is our personal home, we worked hard to make it our own and ask you to care for it as if it were yours during your stay. Before you settle in and get comfortable, we would like to make you aware of the Bungalow Guidelines. Please read each of the guidelines carefully to avoid any danger, damage, or deductions from your security deposit upon check-out.


4:00 PM Central Time (CT)


Drive up to bungalow and your KEY PIN to Front Door, Back Door and Gate Lock is: (Emailed 24 hours prior to check in).


The WIFI Code is listed on the Century Link :  Name:  Beach House/ Pswrd: 30abeachbungalow

In case of any accidental damage, we’ll look into the issue internally to decide if and how much the deduction or repair cost will be. If it is nothing major, we will make every effort to take care of it ourselves.

We hope you have lots of laughter and fun times during your vacation! However, we’d really appreciate it if you’re mindful and keep noise to a minimum during nighttime hours after 10:00 p.m. 



Newly upgraded to enhance your audio experience, whether watching your favorite moving or dancing to your favorite beach tunes, you can now access our SONOS system.  Superior sound bars located in the Living Room and in the Bunk/Recreational Room!  Both locations sync together for whole home enjoyment or can be played separately.  More details upon check-in!


Swim at your own risk.  No diving, No unsupervised children in the pool area or pool.  No glass in the pool area. Safety is the responsibility of renters.  Thank you.



*DO NOT, under any circumstances, remove or tamper with the pool alarms located on the doors and windows.  THIS WIIL ACTIVATE WHOLE HOUSE ALARM and will not turn off until owner deactivates remotely.   If tampered with, a fee of $500 will he assessed to guest and cause for terminating your reservation early. This is all to ensure the safety of our guest in and around the pool area.  Thank you for your cooperation.



I know it is hard but PLEASE do not let children or adults sit on the furniture or anywhere inside (except tile floors) with wet bathing suits and towels. This is a big one. I have provided LOTS of hooks on bathroom doors, in garage and by outdoor shower to make it EASY to hang wet items THANK YOU SO MUCH!

Please ensure you read and fully understand the Bungalow Guidelines at the beginning of your stay. If anything is unclear, please contact us so we can explain in further detail to avoid any misunderstandings.

Have fun! This is your vacation time and we hope you make the most of our home, its amenities, and your opportunity to relax and visit the surrounding area.

Information and special rules on specific parts of the house are written below, so you can easily understand where things are located and how to use them safely.


This is critical to your comfort. IF you keep DOORS OR WINDOWS open, the air conditioning WILL STOP WORKING AND YOU WILL BE HOT! Close doors behind you and behind your children (if they forget).

We chose light colors to keep the space bright and beautiful so need our guest to help us keep these non-standard rental colors and furniture clean and free of shoe marks, food, and dirt.


TRASH DAY: Trash is picked up on Tuesday and Friday! You can put out night before in the GREEN trash can on side of house by gate to back yard or early a.m. (by 8 a.m. to be safe).

ELECTRICAL BOX: You will find the electric panel in the garage on wall and one on outside wall opposite end of outdoor shower. Please only open in the unlikely case of a power outage or blown fuse. If more assistance is needed contact the property manager.



Only the guest that you have registered during your reservation are permitted on the property. If there is a special request, please message the Property Manager, to inform them of the circumstances and names you are requesting to visit.


Tuesday and Friday. Put trash in green trash can and take to curb early a.m. (by 7:30 a.m.CST) or evening prior.



A starter kit is ready for you to enjoy. You need to turn on the switch on the backside near bottom. Enjoy!


There is a remote for operating.  Enjoy. 



Use at your own risk. If you take out the bike, take a lock. If you have children with you, group their bikes onto the bike lock. 4 locks are provided and should be sufficient to pair up bikes to lock. If a bike is stolen, that is the responsibility of the renter to replace. Thank you for understanding.



Use at your own risk. Paddles, seats, and life vests are provided. Children should always be supervised when using Kayaks.



IF IT IS PLASTIC, IT GOES ON TOP SHELF ONLY. Thanks for ensuring proper washing of our cookware and kitchenware.



I number each “LOCK” with the coordinating CODE. Please take a bike lock when using off property.  Bikes are numbered with lock cods in the little drawer in kitchen but here as well:  Bike 1 and 2:  2355 / Bike 3 and 4: 2362


WELCOME STARTER KIT /ITEMS I PROVIDE: I want to help you get through the first night and then some😊😊 I know traveling late you don’t want to go to the store immediately so here is a list of starter items I provide: o 9 coffee pods, 9 creamers, 9 sugars/sweeteners

oShampoo, conditioner and body wash

oBlack makeup wash clothes - help us keep our nice luxurious white towels white:)!

o1 small Palmolive dish soap

o 1 Dishwasher pod

o 1 Laundry Pod

o 1 Roll of toilet paper per bathroom (total 3)

o 1 Roll of paper towels

o In addition: 4 large beach towels, 1 hair dryer, 4 adult bikes*,  2 kayaks/seats/paddles and 2 adult life jackets/2 kid life jackets, board games etc.

*Please note that bikes and other equipment are not guaranteed due to the nature of wear and tear from the previous renters. We do our best to keep them maintained but some repairs may not be possible between guests. Thank you for your understanding.

Please treat our home with the same respect as you would your own home. We’ve put a lot of effort into making this into a lovely bungalow and trust our guest with all the beach supplies and toys. We truly hope you enjoy your stay!

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